Wordpress on Linode

Digging deep into Wordpress hosting issues. Finally took up the Core Intuition podcast's $20 promo-code for Linode (coreint2018) and started up a $5/mo server.

Spent the last couple of days cranking through various setups, re-installing the Linode Wordpress StackScript 6 or 10 times. The suggestions for Getting Started, and Hardening The Server, seemed to continually result in a broken install.

It may be the case (as it pretty much always is), that the do-it-piecemeal-by-hand method is going to be the better method. Get a generic LAMP system set up on CentOS. Harden it, get the SSH and user 'stuff' squared away, make sure everything can survive a reboot (this requires learning some new linux tricks re: systemctl, I think), then carefully install Wordpress, keeping an eye on file permissions, etc.

To that end, while I haven't finished it, this article has so far been a good guide.

We'll see.

(Fun though! Even when nothing works, it's fun!)