thunderous results

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Just participated in a 'one-way' job interview via Spark Hire.

(Setting aside a profound gripe about Adobe Flash), it required a bit of fiddling in the camera and mic department, in my home office. I wasn't too concerned about the video, but the audio may've been too rough. I wouldn't blame the reviewer if they skipped it.

I could use an excuse: But! The limitations of the iMac's built-in mic! It's true. If I'd had a nice stand-alone mic I surely would've used it. But then I'd have to start a podcast or something... In any event the raging thunderstorm that boiled up outside just as I started the process definitely didn't help.

"Why didn't you just wait until there wasn't a thunderstorm?"

Well... welcome to Florida.

"You should just leave; you're always criticizing the state."

Why do you think I was interviewing?

Anyway... neat idea, the online one-way interview. They were contemplating something like that at my first legal job, at [Redacted].com, back in the very-late 90s. If memory serves, we told them there were too many legal pitfalls, not doing interviews the old-fashioned way. They should've ignored us!

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