lemon drop shop

Rebuilding a big ceramic pot the puppy knocked over and busted, using the foam-expanding version of Gorilla Glue. The pot is now fixed (ugly, but fixed) and my hands are all gunked up from the GG.

gorilla glue bottle

My usual go-to for this sort of thing is nail-polish remover, but that didn't seem to do much. I used to have a can of paint-thinner in the garage but I guess someone used it all. (Who? When? The guys who painted the house last summer maybe.)

Poked around inside and couldn't find anything else likely to work except... maybe vodka? Poured a shot of vodka over my hands. Maybe it helped a little. Googled around looking for other household solutions, and some sites suggested citrus. We aren't low on lemons around here.

Squeezed a lemon over my vodka-soaked hands and it all sloughed away. My hands smell like lemon-kerosene. Not too bad, though I hate wasting a lemon drop on clean-up.

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