The HTML5 SpeechSynthesis API is rubbish

Fooling with web-based speech today, using SpeechSynthesis API. Tweaked the `rate` and `pitch` of "Alex" on/in MacOS/Firefox. A little sped up, but a little pitched down. I liked it.

Discovered that my goofy app didn't speak on iOS/Safari, though. Googled around, discovered that you have to let the user take a meaningful interaction before speech can come blurting out of a webpage. Fair enough. No problem. Added a button to explicitly allow the speech API.

Went to phone to test.... and got sped-up Scotch-Russian? A bit Chekov, a bit Scotty?

This fella knew what was up, nearly 3 years ago: The HTML5 SpeechSynthesis API is rubbish.

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