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Amazing trifecta in my Spotify 'Release Radar' playlist today. Songs by ABC, Dada, and Squeeze that are not by "my" ABC, Dada, or Squeeze. (Whither the trademark lawyers?!)

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Wordpress FTP thing

Note to future self, if Wordpress updater demands FTP credentials even though you hardened the server to refuse FTP connections entirely: You did this and it seemed to work at the time.

(question to 5-minutes-from-now self: is that title gonna explode Gatsby when it rebuilds?)

[original title: define(''FS_METHOD'',''direct'')]

hole where microwave should be

Fun... switching brands means I need a new bracket installed into the wall. (The old bracket was half-an-inch off.) Will I find the studs and otherwise get the toggle bolts into the wall? Find out tomorrow!

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